elisha khan writer
elisha khan writer

Elisha Akhtar.

Hello! I am Elisha Akhtar. I am a kind, fun-loving, hardworking, determined, energetic, and sincere person. I received my bachelor's degree in the field of Psychology from Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) in the year 2019. While doing my bachelor's, I have written numerous research proposals, daily journals, and motivational quotations based on psychological well-being, ways to tackle hardships in life, and finding your true self. I am keen on writing motivational quotations because I believe even it is indispensable to fill the communication gap and spread positivity among the people of this Contemporary era. Besides, my writing is mainly focused on discovering your true self. Self-understanding is the most crucial factor in every individual's life because without knowing yourself, your life is fragile and meaningless.

Psychology is the main subject that makes me aware that how interpersonal skill is significant. It has helped me in shaping my character. I have undergone the process of knowing myself and this is the primary reason why I am writing this. In general, the foremost need of every individual is to be understood by others but I think that it is more convenient if we focus on understanding our values, emotions, attitudes, and personalities. After, this you can find a glimpse of my writing if you like my style, words, topics, and positivity. So I am open to your likeness and love.

Thank you.

"People pray for help with their problems but I pray for courage, wisdom, and strength so that I can fight with my problems".

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Elisha's Motivational Thoughts


You are your healer. When you are hopeless, you feel you are nothing and have no one to talk to. You feel isolated and think you are useless. If you experience such emotions then look above the sky. Remember the One above looking down at you and while looking, you see a flashback, you see how you survived in those miserable days filled with pain and agony but still had the power and courage to move on with a smile and hope. Now you have a chance to restore that power. The power which belongs to you, the power of healing, recovery, and treatment. It lives in you and appears by stretching your face muscles which we refer to as "Smile". The smile gives you the strength to move forward and walk away from the people who are not meant for you, the strength to believe in karma and not to give up at any cost. It gives you the power to face and fight your battles. With that smile, you know that you are a warrior and your healer.

Subjectivity of Love

Love! This is the abstract, and subjective, important, common, and necessary emotion for all human beings. It is everywhere and we cannot see love with our beautiful eyes. We can feel it and experience it subjectively because Love is not Science. Love is subjective to everyone and it’s with us from our beginning to our end. From the beginning, our parents tell us about Love. Their love as partners, siblings, parents, and many other relationships. Then, we perceive love through them. But later on, we perceive it through our experiences. We, humans, are highly non-objective. That’s why we have subjective experiences of love.

Every human has their unique definition of Love which is based on their experiences. When we saw someone who is in love we made imaginations and it’s the point where they believe that love is the same for everyone but when they experience it they came to know about its subjectivity. Humans made some assumptions and expectations silently in their hearts and when these expectations are not satisfied then they face disappointments. If they have expectations they have to talk about them with their loved ones. Because expectations lead to disappointments most of the time. Love is pure and endures everything with grace and courage. Love doesn’t make assumptions and doesn’t want anything from their loved ones.

Humans need to let their imaginations free and try to believe in what exists. If your love is true you need not be worried because lovers do not need physical presence to love. Likewise praying for your lover’s success, life, well-being is the best way to love them. And prayer is a generous gift you are giving your lover daily. Love is an emotion and it builds unique relationships. So, what are relationships?

Relationships are emotional, beautiful, and difficult to handle it’s romantic, friendships, or relation with, parents. We have experienced pleasant and unpleasant situations. The relationship is the commitment between two individuals that they will be fair, faithful, loyal, helpful, and available for each other in good and evil. In relationships, we human expect and assumes such things which are not present in other someone’s knowledge. Due to this misunderstanding, most of the time humans have to face the consequences. Then Humans full of emotions blame that someone and it causes more difficulties. Here, the one who is expecting needs to understand someone to avoid difficulties. The journey of every relationship is connected with the journey of life and here we have to take steps. So, trust is the first step in the journey of every relationship.

Every relationship is based on love. Love is subjective to everybody. Hence, every love story has its own beauty, unique, and amazing journey ahead.