About Articles by Amna Sadaf.

I write research-based authentic information in a simple, interesting, and conversational style so that these can be understandable by the child of 7 years old to a person of 70 years old. Wait… don’t be offended if you are younger than 7 years or older than 70 years of age, I've just put an example. I love to add my topics-related personal experiences in content. I enjoy writing my articles in a way that I am sharing information with my friends, that’s why my writing style is lively and easy to grasp. Hope you are enjoying reading my articles.

Characteristics of Articles by Amna Sadaf.

  • Research-based Information.

  • Plagiarism free.

  • Friendly and conversational to keep readers engaged.

  • The uniqueness of simplicity, and easy to understand.

Structure of articles by Amna Sadaf.

Theoretically, there are many structures for writing an article such as an instructional / how-to, listicle, long-form, news story, and first-person narrative. I choose what I feel more adequate format for delivering information on a particular topic. Practically there is not a hard and fast rule to follow unless your client demands a specific structure. But as a writer, I have my instinct to assess which format goes more accurately according to my reader’s understanding, so I do mix and match.

Niche of articles by Amna Sadaf.

As a freelance writer, the most frequent question that I have been asked by my field fellows is, "what is your niche"???

I prefer to write on general topics related to well-being, wellness, social and individual behaviors, communication, foods, pets, and lifestyle.

Your suggestions and feedbacks are worthy for me so keep responding. Happy Reading :)