Take Care of Yourself Daily.

Our mind, body, and soul need care and relaxation each day to function better. Let's discuss it one by one.


Amna Sadaf

2/14/20224 min read

If I ask, what is your daily care routine? Or how often do you keep yourself pampered? Please don't start coming up with excuses. I know sometimes it feels burdened to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. Our busy routine life doesn't allow us to do so and usually, we keep pending self-care on weekends and in our free timings. But our daily tasks and responsibilities, worries, and stress drain our energies physically, mentally, and emotionally. So it is necessary to take care of our mind, body, and soul every day to regain lost energies.

For your better understanding, I am dividing self-care into 3 parts:

  1. Daily take care of the mind.

  2. Daily take care of the body.

  3. Daily take care of the soul.

Our mind, body, and soul need care and relaxation each day to function better. Let's discuss it one by one.

Take care of yourself daily.
Take care of yourself daily.

1. Daily take care of the mind.

What is affected the most when we are stressed out due to exhausting day and worries?? Of course, it's our mind. All activities of a day start with scheduling, planning, and thoughts. Our practical performance depends on how well we have mental health. So daily taking care of the mind is foremost important.

Here are a few tips:

  • Build a mindset.

  • Meditate for a few minutes.

  • Journaling or writing habit.

  • Daily reading habit.

~. Build a mindset.

Build your mind by keep reminding yourself about positivity and happiness regularly. Our day does not have to be spent as we expect. Anything can happen adversely. So Don’t allow any negative happening on a day to suck your positive vibes and make you feel down.

~. Meditate for a few minutes.

Daily meditation makes you feel relaxed and focused. Meditate for a few minutes every day, it will help you for restoring your energies.

~. Journaling or writing habit.

Daily journaling or diary writing is a therapeutic practice. This habit helps you in overthinking and decision-making. Even making a gratitude list on a piece of paper gives you an enlightened approach to going through a challenging day.

~. Daily Reading habit.

Reading is a food for your mind, develop this habit and devote 20 minutes at least, to a good book.

Take care of yourself daily
Take care of yourself daily

2. Daily take care of the body.

As a body is our main machinery, if it gets tired and sick, then our day becomes nonproductive. It demands our regular attention. When we talk about our body or physique the first thing we usually mention is a healthy diet.

Just having healthy food is not sufficient when we consider our physical health. There are more other things to follow when taking care of our body daily. Such as drinking plenty of water, breathing deeply, and getting good sleep. But this is not enough, some more tips are:

  • Physical fitness activity.

  • Personal hygiene.

  • Get sunlight.

~. Physical fitness activity.

Spare half an hour from your routine for a physical fitness activity is like a special treatment that you can give to yourself. This activity can be a walk, full-body stretch, swimming, any sport, and exercise. Now It's up to you to select any one of them according to your body needs, preferences, and interests for every day.

~. Personal hygiene.

Self-care becomes ineffective if you neglect your daily personal hygiene. It includes not only brushed teeth, a washed body, and sanitized hands, but a neat dress, and cleaned daily accessories (such as a comb, toothbrush, razors, etc.) also come under the list of personal hygiene. Taking care of personal hygiene keeps you away from germs, but also makes you feel fresh all day long.

~. Get sunlight.

As sunlight is a main natural source of getting vitamin D, which is essential for our body. So try to get benefits from the sunlight early in the morning for a few minutes. You can do yoga and some meditation while absorbing vitamin D. It will give a boost to your body and help in having a good mood for facing the hectic routine of a day.

Take care of yourself daily
Take care of yourself daily

3 Daily take care of the soul.

Have you ever experienced that everything is going perfectly, but we don’t find that level of satisfaction from the inside?

Inner peace and true happiness come when our soul is nourished every day. We have to take care of our souls daily. For this, we should understand the needs of it. It needs purity, passion, and detoxification. The more we connect with nature the more we can be able to fulfill these needs. Let's talk more about them.

  • Do what you love.

  • Social media detox.

  • Friends and family.

    ~. Do what you love.

Do something that you love other than your regular work. It can be gardening, painting or drawing, baking or cooking. Any mindful activity makes you listen to the voice of your soul. So don’t permit any daily schedule to miss this voice.

~. Social media detox.

Taking a break from mobile phones is necessary to get inner peace. So put your phone down for 1 to 2 hours at least to get a daily social media detox.

~. Friends and family.

Don’t allow any busy routine to neglect your loved ones. Healthy relations with friends and family support us morally and emotionally. Success and happiness are hollow without them. So make possibilities to spend a quality time with them. For instance, it can be a family conversation at a dinner table.

And when it is not possible to meet your friends daily so a message or a phone call can make you tie with them.

Bottom line.

Daily take care of mind, body, and soul allows us to get a fresh start for facing routine tasks with a better mood, peaceful and focused mind. Start it from today without making any excuse.

If you have any suggestions and tips regarding self-care, share it in the below section.

Happy reading :)